Rail Devils

Rail Devils

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Rail Devils are sparking skateboard deck rails made by Tail Devil. These rails have infused flints which will shoot sparks during slide tricks such as boardslides and smith grinds.


  • Made of premium UHMW polyethylene plastic for consistent and unholy slides.
  • Adhesive tape backing to help with installation and to prevent rattling.
  • 28 cylinder flints evenly spread across the sliding surface to maximize sparks.
  • 5 screw holes per rail.
  • Classic medium sized rails, rectangular profile with rounded corners.


  • A pair of two 14.25 inch long Rail Devils.
  • Two choices of wood mounting screws. Phillips or star head; set of 10 each.
  • A custom made double ended bit, #2 Phillips & T10 star head.

How to install.

1. Peel-off adhesive backing. Line up and press on each Rail Devil 1/8" to 1" in from the edge of the board.

2. Screw in Rail Devils using your preferred screw set (Phillips or star head). We recommend screwing in my hand.

3. Spark It Up!


    Patent Pending.

    Made in Hell.

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